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 Revolutionary New Pouch Design!

New EZ-Clean™ Flo-Thru Pouch

Our newest addition to our full line of Ostomy Supplies and Products is our Flo-Thru Pouch. This pouch allows cleaning using our EZ-Clean System or an ordinary water bottle. Either method allows for pouch cleaning quickly and easily without handling any waste while your pouch is still attached. Economical because it allows use of the pouch for numerous days. The pouch is a one piece unit already containing the Hydrocolloid wafer barrier and our new perimeter seal. Most pouches  do not contain these additions and normally are additional charges. Try a FREE Sample Today!

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Product Superiority

We offer a complete line of products in addition to the EZ-Clean™ System. Pouches, Barriers, sealant, seal rings, perimeter barrier seal, and much more... We also offer conventional pouches, clear and opaque. Please click here to be taken to our complete list of products.

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New EZ-Clean™ Flo-Thru Pouch

Introductory Offer - Sale Package! 

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We Do Have the Answer


Cost Analysis

Please click to see the cost evaluation utilizing the medicaid benefits and the actual breakdown to assist with understanding the REAL costs of the EZ-Clean™ System and pouches.

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Why Would You Use Any Other Pouch?

Schena Ostomy Technologies exists because of Ken Schena's unrelenting efforts to create better products for Ostomates. We offer trial kits to acquaint you with the EZ-Clean System and know once you try it, you will never go back!

"Ostomy is a life- saving way of life, not a secret!" Get the products designed to make your life easier and normal! Why live in misery? We make life normal again.

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You owe it to yourself to see how EZ-Clean™ Products can change your life and help you regain normalcy. Sanitary, clean and easy method of cleaning the pouch using the patented EZ-Clean™ pouch system.

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