EZ-Clean™ Products superiority, cost and benefits

Product Superiority


The EZ-Clean™ Pouch with a built-in-cleansing system allows the user to lead a normal life without the fear of spending inordinate amounts of time trying to clean a bag full of body waste. Our pouch was designed to permit the user to sit on the toilet , open the drain, attach our water feed system and flush the waste into the toilet in under 3 minutes. Waste is flushed like a normal person would do and no physical contact occurs. Clean water is wiped from the pouch drain, close it and the inlet to complete the process.

The pouch is constructed with a highly polished plastic film to help the cleaning process and having a thoroughly clean pouch eliminates odor from remaining waste. The inlet also allows the release of gas so no filter is required because the ostomate can release gas at will by opening the inlet and pressing the pouch exterior in an appropriate location and it can be done without clothing removal.

Experience the normality this pouch brings to your life and enjoy the freedom to live without all the anxiety of pouches that are not equipped with a cleansing manifold. Our pouches are equipped with skin friendly wafers to eliminate skin inflamation and Perimeter Seals to bond securely to the abdomen. Experience the luxury of EZ-Clean™ and you will not return to the stone age products that tax your sanity.


Cost Comparison


The EZ-Clean™ Pouch was designed to provide efficient pouch designs that reduce the number of pouches required to service a Colostomate / Ileostomate. Medicare allows 10 EZ-Clean™ pouches per month and that is all you will require. It is more expensive to construct a pouch with built-in cleaning components so Medicare assigned the highest compensation code (A4375) to our EZ-Clean™ pouch. The average wear time is 3 to 5 days so there is allowance for early breaches due to unusual circumstances.

The EZ-Clean™ Pouch was designed as a one piece because you wear it 24 hours, 7 days a week sitting on the toilet to clean it without the necessity of removal. You shower, swim and do your normal activities wearing the pouch having the ability to clean it in minutes. Your time in the bathroom is 10 % of what is spent cleaning conventional pouches.

It makes no sense to stockpile pouches in a closet that will eventually be donated to a needy organization by your family when you are gone. We all need to be conscious of the cost of products and preserve Medicare expenses from being spent needlessly so they can continue to provide for our needs. When you compare product cost, you will discover the economy of using our pouch which, long term, will save money while providing convenience to the user.



  • The EZ-Clean™ System closely duplicates normal body function disposing of fecal matter in the toilet to be flushed away.
  • The EZ-Clean™ System helps the person adjust to having an ostomy and the mental strain of not having control of bowel function and waste disposal.
  • It is fast, hygienic and the user does not have to come in contact with fecal matter.
  • The pouch was designed to duplicate an individual’s normal bowel movement function and waste disposal (3 min). Irrigation can take an hour every 2 days.
  • The EZ-Clean™ pouch was designed by an ostomate to normalize his life after undergoing colorectal surgery that resulted in a permanent Colostomy.
  • The EZ-Clean™ pouch was engineered with an internal dispersion manifold that. sprays water under pressure from the top down to thoroughly cleanse the pouch